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NICE supports the use of innovative compression method for treating venous leg ulcers

28th July 2015

A recently published NICE medtech innovation briefing (MIB25) suggested that Juxta CURES (medi UK) is an effective method of providing compression for venous leg ulcers as well as  showing considerable cost savings compared to conventional bandaging techniques.

Juxta CURES is simple to apply and adjust, and the pressure applied can be easily checked by a clinician, carer or healthcare professional.

Effective compression with Juxta CURES leads to reduced exudate and, therefore less reliance on absorbent dressings. The NICE briefing also highlights the reduction in clinician’s time that can be achieved by using Juxta CURES, both through a reduced number of weekly patient visits and a reduced duration of visit due to the ease of removal and re-application.

The document features a recent case study that reported cost savings with the Juxta CURES compared with conventional bandaging over a six-month period. It illustrated cost savings in these three areas:

  • Dressings: average saving of £753 per patient
  • Bandages: average saving of £881 per patient
  • Clinician time: average saving of £3,172 per patient.

The total average saving was £4,806 per patient.

Other benefits for the patient included reduction of odour and an instant return to conventional foot wear.

Andy Holman, business development manager medi UK, said: ‘The NICE medtech briefing highlights the key benefits that we have seen whilst working with Juxta CURES. It is a break with conventional therapy to switch from bandages but those who have made the switch seldom, if ever, go back to their old ways.’

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